Higher Education should only be Accessible to Good High School Students

Accessibility to Higher Education

Some students believe that higher education is like a prized possession, which should be given in terms of merit. On the other hand, other people feel that everyone should be given a chance to https://www.essaycapital.com/blog/essay-writing/nursing-essay learn http://www.ics.uci.edu/~fielding/pubs/dissertation/software_arch.htm the job market skills that are taught in higher learning institutions.

Let’s look at the reasons each party feels the way they do.

Why is it for Good Students Only?

A while back, when technology was not as advanced as it is now, universities were the only places that all the essential people in society went to learn their skills. Higher education was taken seriously and held in very high regard. You had to have good grades in school to secure a slot in an institution of higher learning. These days, higher education is seen more like a rite of passage. Students do not take it with the seriousness it deserves because they did not toil to get there.

The other reason why higher education should be for good students only is the outcome of it all. Once every student gets admitted to universities without necessarily being a good student, the chances of being unqualified for the job market after graduation are very high. Good students put effort to remain that way and therefore, make for suitable job candidates out there.

Good students understand things quickly and therefore reduce the bulk of the instructors. Additionally, they will go out of their way to learn more without needing supervision. They are also less likely to get into trouble as compared to students who just want to pass the time at the university. The point is, with a good student, you are sure they want pay for college papers to be there and are willing to make it worthwhile. With the other students, it’s unclear.

Why is it Not Good Students Only?

Times have changed, and the world is adapting pretty fast. In this age, the fight for equality across all aspects of life is gaining momentum. People want to be treated as equals without any kind of discrimination. The liberal world wants everyone to feel included and valued. Access to education for everyone is one of the agendas that governments are trying to push. Members of the free world believe that an equal opportunity should be given to everyone.

The other reason as to why higher education should be for both good and bad students is because you cannot predict the future. The bad students should be given a chance to redeem themselves. They might even turn out to be better than good students. Denying them a chance to get a higher education is like denying them a chance at life.

In all the arguments, both sides seem to make solid points that could factor in the decision as to who should access higher education. With freedom of speech, everyone is also entitled to their own opinion regarding the issue.